Why Podnet?

Ed Mazria, Architect, founder of Architecture2030 has produced an analysis that clearly proves that buildings, as compared to transportation, have at least twice the potential to affect the reversal of negative Global Warming trends.

Further, Christopher Alexander in his paper ORIGINS OF PATTERN THEORY finds that a “grass roots” implementation of a new pattern of living structures would provide the mechanism for a realistic plan to make a global paradigm shift to sustainable living. The construction (and renewal) of buildings in the initial three decades of the ​21st Century will create more built environment ​than has existed up to that time. The dilemma is that “experts” cannot be the channel for such a vast work and therefore the methods of construction of living structures must become accessible to everyone.

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This is the reason that the Sola Roof solution for living structures is not only about technology but requires building a Community of enthusiasts all around the world who can champion the cause of living structures. First there are the pioneers in various regions, then a fledgling user community, and then a wide following of people who are empowered by our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) knowledge base to build Sola Roof technology into their homes and communities. At www.solaroof.org we are using powerful, new communication and collaboration tools to share experience and author the Sola Roof Wiki.


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