What is PODnet ?

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POD Enterprise Network is a Cooperative Organization (or the “COOP” or “PODnet”) to be a channel for collective action in support of the emergent PODpioneers & PODworks enterprise with a pro-active plan to provide its Membership, the PODpreneurs, with OpenSource “closed ecological environment” technology, know-how, and both open and proprietary climate control & growing systems to profitably manage and operate a negative carbon footprint enterprise for local, fresh food at their properties and homes in the face of escalating energy prices, enabling Members to save money 24/7 on their food production.

The problem is that local, greenhouse grown fresh food has a high energy cost that accounts for half the selling price and this cost is ever increasing with no relief foreseen, due to “End of Oil”. PODpreneurs however, apply OpenSource SolaRoof technology to effectively and substantially eliminate this energy cost and the savings can be used to finance and implement additional alternate energy technologies, including
integrated BioFuels production that will lower operating costs even more and add security while enhancing the profitability of our Members.

Our core product/service – the lifePOD & agriPOD – are cloud-connected, artificial-intelligence-supported, vertical farming systems, enabling entrepreneurs, family farms, and home based “Motivated Moms” to infuse their neighborhoods and households with the adaptive, proactive intelligence of the SolaRoof technology resulting in day-to-day energy consumption reduced 10 x together with higher food productivity without the need for added personnel, complexity, or expensive capital equipment.

PODnet is organized as a membership club & entreprise network for transformative change and generates individual and collectively shared benefits. Our Members’communities save money daily while taking individual responsibility for realizing the shared humanitarian imperative of lowering the carbon footprint and its effects on the climate, while localizing food – a win-win for people and the planet. For an agreed period, PODpioneers pay 20% of their annual POD profit, as a fee to access our portfolio of “Livingry” solutions and to activate our internal Gift Economy program that provides “seed money” for PODworks and PODpioneers startups, who will additionally raise local investment with crowdfunding to replicate our process for change all around the world, thereby to stimulate rapid, viral expansion of PODnet, from local to global.

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