Solaroof Technology

Sola Roof technology, invented by Richard Nelson, is our primary solution for building the required living structures, starting with a 21st Century vertical farm called the agriPOD. This agriPOD application is built on a core of 6 patents that Richard Nelson has dedicated, together with his know-how, under a Creative Commons Public License, which form a broad platform for the elaboration of an Open Source system of construction. Sola Roof is a new pattern for building design, which we refer to as an Ecomimicry Architecture that is based on a light-weight, transparent building envelope that uses new materials technology of transparent and translucent architectural and agricultural fabrics that are coated or laminated. This structural system is integrated with a controlled environment system that produces comfortable and productive living, working and recreational spaces within the Sola Roof structure.

The novel systems of Bubble Tech and Liquid Solar Tech are described in the Sola Roof Tech section of our Sola Roof Wiki website where there is also a Gallery showing many images and illustrations of completed projects. Our approach is low tech and is based upon the Blue Green paradigm of using Water Working (the Blue) and Plants + Algae (the green) within the building and at the roof level of the structure for the purpose of capturing and converting solar energy that enters the transparent building envelope.

Simple, low-energy mechanical systems are integrated with complex ecological life support systems that produce a net gain in energy in the form of stored thermal cooling and heating energy, modulated “cool daylight” and production of plants for food, feed, fiber and biomass for production of biofuels and biotechnology products. Sola Roof buildings primarily use the powerful phytomechanisms of a living leaf canopy to transformation of solar energy by the processes of photosynthesis and transpiration.

Thus we make accessible and affordable a solar design that is based upon life science and biomimicry. This food growing approach is enabled by the agriPOD application, which also regenerates nutrients for growing plants; produces abundant clean energy and pure water; this is the Food/Energy/Water solution for all communities, or FEW4All. Our roof level algae culture is integrated with controlled environment growing as a new building integrated approach to biomass production that could employ the roof areas of all buildings for a Biomass to Biofuel process; a solar technology process that we call Eco Dynamic, which, because it sequesters carbon dioxide in Bio Fuel is an excellent strategy for mitigation of Global Warming.


With support from Belgian National Lottery