PODpioneers is a global community of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs looking to bring fresh, affordable, organic food to backyards and local communities throughout the world.   We build the lifePOD for the home and school, and the agriPOD systems that help create and restore healthy communities.  Anyone can become a PODpioneer.   If you’re looking to to bring fresh, affordable, organic food to your backyard or local community, we’d love to have you!  Simply sign up for our newsletter and join the PODpioneers Facebook Group to be a part of this inspiring global movement.

Crowd Funding Campaign for POD Pioneers

I am very passionate about getting out the message (below) about a breakthrough collaboration, at many locations and with several countries where the first “POD Pioneers” will be financially supported to co-create and build the POD solution, thereby planting far and wide the seed of POD Fresh Food – and out of this collective effort we are confident that the Sola Roof Coop will take root and will proliferate, propagating organically with viral growth strategy.

To ACCELERATE our work we invite Crowd Funding and the first initiatives in this direction, our POD Net Plan launching on Earth Day 2015, will need your participation!

We are launching the Sola Roof Coop, now called the POD Preneur Network, or “PODnet”, which will be  organizing a Crowd Funding campaign within weeks. We will replicate a startup pattern by several POD Pioneers as the way forward through a demonstration stage, that will document the case for PODinvestment and lead to rapid replication around the world. Several countries will participate in this stage of collaboration to build a Creative Commons with information, plans and specifications that will answer all the questions and provide the confidence for our POD solution for local, regenerative food/water/energy to go viral and bring food security, safety and nutrition to families/communities everywhere. Be the change; be a POD Pioneer!

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